The Smile-Makin’ People

We put tradition into each and every irresistibly happy bite!

In Louisville, KY in 1904, Henry Fischer founded Fischer’s Packing Company. It was a full-service meat packing facility with a strong adherence to time-honored recipes from cure masters of past generations. The quality and taste of the products drew people far and wide to get their hands on Fischer’s meats. It grew into a brand people could trust.

Families have relied on the quality and value of Fischer’s® products for over a century and why shouldn’t they?

We still make our products using old-fashioned recipes and time-tested techniques. We put tradition into each and every irresistibly, happy bite. That’s the reason we’re known as “The Smile-Makin’ People.”

Enjoy our delicious products including; Bologna, Wieners and Franks, Pickled Meats, Bacon, a wide variety of classic Lunch Meat favorites. Fischer’s® products offer high quality and taste tested flavors that appeal to modern lifestyles. This is why we say, “Moms see the value, kids see the fun!”


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