Rudolph Rolls



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Roll out puff pastry and slice into 1” wide pieces.
  3. Cut your hot dogs into three pieces making the middle piece a little under 1” wide.
  4. Place your middle cut of hot dog on the end of one puff pastry strip and roll up the end.
  5. Wet the end with a little bit of water and work the end of the dough to stick to itself and create a solid round piece around the hot dog piece.
  6. Take the other two pieces of hot dog and cut them down the middle going about halfway down the section of hot dog.
  7. Use a small piece of dried spaghetti (about 1.5”) and stick it through the center of these cut hot dogs and into the puff pastry of the rolled up dog. This will secure the antlers in place and assure they don’t move during baking.
  8. After doing this to both antlers, repeat the process until you have your collection of reindeer.
  9. Place the reindeer in the preheated oven and bake until golden brown, about 15-20 minutes
  10. Once slightly cooled, place ketchup on the center hot dog for their nose
  11. Dice up olives for the eyes or cut raisins in half, or use candy eyes.
  12. Plate and serve!
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