If you like your pie crust flaky, you’ll know why Fischer’s Lard is the baker’s choice. In addition, it has a high smoke point and adds delicious flavor when combined with other foods.


Our Braunschweiger has been made the same way for almost 100 years. Seasoned to perfection, it tastes great in sandwiches and on crackers. For a little zing, add some mustard.

Pickled Red Hots

For something with a little bit of a bite, Fischer’s Red Hots are what you’re looking for. These firm and juicy sausages will satisfy your craving.

Pickled Bologna

Made to perfection, Fischer’s® firm and juicy Pickled Bologna is packed with flavor, but not too spicy. Comes in a variety of sizes. Pick up a jar today.

Pickled Eggs

Our Pickled Eggs are famous for their delicious, vinegary taste and freshness. They’re a tasty companion to our Pickled Bolognas or Pickled Red Hots.

Ham Slices

Fischer’s Ham Slices is the easiest way to deliver the perfect ham sandwich. Wrap a slice around asparagus for a healthy snack. Vacuum sealed for that deli fresh taste.

Quik Cut Ham

Fischer’s Quik Cut hams are a convenient way to bring deli fresh quality to your home. Cut a thick slice for a satisfying sandwich. This versatile ham can be used in casseroles or as your main meal.


Who doesn’t smile when they smell the bacon frying in the kitchen? Fischer’s Bacon comes sliced regular or thick, and our time-tested hickory smoking will definitely deliver.

Cooked Ham

Fischer’s Cooked Ham is a fast and easy way to make a delicious meal. Wrap a slice around asparagus for a healthy snack. Vacuum packed to seal in deli freshness.

Ham & Cheese Loaf

If you want to see your kids give you a Fischer’s® smile try our Ham & Cheese Loaf on their next sandwich. Made with quality meat and just the right mix of cheese. Vacuum packed to seal in deli fresh flavor.